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Have a professional old time photo shoot done in Afro Jazz, Voortrekkers, and Victorian theme at a Festival /  Event near you in South Africa.

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Welcome to Eugene’s Old Time Photos.

We have been providing our customers with an unforgettable experience since 2011. Their photo memories will last a lifetime.
Our photography business began and took root in the Goods Shed in Mossel Bay. We operated from this fixed base until 2014.
Although business was brisk, the need arose for us to become mobile and visit the remotest of outposts in our beloved South Africa.
We have been touring the lengths and breadths of our country, attending shows, and festivals.
At events, our team will work under severe pressure, ensuring that customers obtain the highest quality old-time photos. Assistants will dress the customers according to their chosen theme. The photographer will then photograph the clients, edit and print their photos in accordance with the highest quality standards.
Emphasis is always placed on facial expressions. It is our goal to capture an expression that looks authentic to the relevant time period.
It is said that a person’s eyes are the window to their soul. I couldn’t agree more. As such, all attention is focussed on the eyes. Everything else is secondary.
Secondary to facial expressions, we look at costumes and props. Attention is paid to detail and lighting. Great care is taken that the final product is artistically done and historically correct.

Over the years I have noticed that all people are beautiful, regardless of their ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I am at my happiest when photographing people.

A method named daguerreotype was originally used to produce photographs in the late 1880s. The inventor, Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerro could only capture images on a heavy metal plate. According to this method, photographers first had to coat a copper plate in silver and then cover it again with a vapor of brown bromide or halide.
The daguerreotype photo was a labor-intensive process, requiring a great amount
of equipment and skill.
Fortunately, photography developed rapidly and the daguerreotype photo is no longer in use.
The old-time photographs that you will receive will be available as prints within minutes.

Upcoming Festivals /Events


Please note! Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 effecting festivals and events we are not sure at this stage which events we will be attending.

Outeniqua Family Market

Every SAT 2021 if not at festival / event

N2 George

8:00 – 14:00